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URC Indonesia re-Certified as Great Place to Work for 2023

Universal Robina Corporation Indonesia bagged its certification for Great Place to Work for 2 consecutive years, in 2022 and year 2023. The Great Place to Work certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience through a 2-step process that involves conducting a survey among employees and accomplishing a short questionnaire about the company workforce. The certification makes use of employee feedback and independent analysis to determine company culture satisfaction.

The 2023 employee survey yielded high level results of 93% average overall statements from 359 survey responses. The survey consisted of top and bottom statements ranging from diversity, work-life balance, employee engagement, employee movement and management behavior. This year’s employee survey of Great Place To Work survey provided higher results versus 2022. This result shown a consistency and commitment toward developing our talent to become valuable assets to company’s growth.

The re-certification of URC Indonesia is evidence of “putting our people first” and the company’s dedication to ensuring that URC is among the best companies with globally recognized standards for great company culture and environment. This recognition inspires URC Indonesia to further strengthen our engagement with employees and cultivate a people-centric culture in URC Indonesia.

“We did the important thing to make our employees realize, what we had at URC Indonesia was a very good thing.  We are on the right track and the right place to continue growing.” said Country General Manager, Taufiq Basthami.

“The aim was to create a working environment that would let their employees feels liked URC Indonesia was one of the great places to a place where everyone listened to and supported one another, where everyone operated on a level playing field, and where everyone was able to take full ownership and responsibility for what they did.” said Country Human Resources, Fajar Indrianto.

“URC Indonesia believes that when employees are recognized for their contribution and properly rewarded for their hard work, the company’s overall performance will improve.” said Director of Integrated Supply Chain, Williana Rahayu.

But URC Indonesia’s efforts to keep its employees happy do not stop there.  It makes sure to take care of its employees in their moments of need and give them full support so they can deliver their best work. It helps drive the quality of performance and leads to a happier work environment which ultimately leads to better customer service and therefore, satisfaction.

We always purpose to create a great ambiance for Happy Workplace, Employees, and Customers!

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PT URC Indonesia tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dari proses rekrutmen ataupun dari pemenang program undian serta aktivitas lainnya.