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For many years now, part of URC’s vision has been to be the best Philippine food and beverage company, with a powerful presence throughout the ASEAN region. While the establishment of manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and New Zealand has been instrumental in expanding URC’s footprint across the ASEAN and Oceania regions, the company’s Exports Division has also played a key role in bringing URC’s renowned products overseas. Through this division, the company allows the rest of the world to experience what generations of Filipinos have come to love: URC’s vast portfolio of brands of exceptional taste, quality and value.

Today, URC exports its products—including Jack ‘n Jill snacks, Great Taste instant coffee, C2 ready-to-drink tea, Griffin’s biscuits, and Nice & Natural better-for-you snacks—to 38 countries around the world.


In April 2019, URC formed a Global Exports business unit tasked with the worldwide distribution of both URC Philippines and URC International sourced products. The strategy brought about the integration of URC’s regional sales teams, allowing the consolidation of the company’s previously separate export departments into one global export team. This streamlining of operations provides the company with better access to its network of customers in more than 50 countries. At present, URC’s Global Export business unit serves nations and territories in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Indian Ocean islands, North Asia, and Oceania and the Pacific Islands.

The consolidation is further expected to maximize URC’s sales resources and manufacturing capabilities, allowing URC to better serve its current distributors and retail partners in existing markets, while providing opportunities for the company to explore new business channels. Through its centralized Global Exports unit, URC seeks to build global awareness for its brands, enter new territories and explore untapped business opportunities, and enable organic growth.

Underlining the consolidation, the central Global Exports unit will promote and sell URC products worldwide under one official catalog.

No matter where our products turn up, whether it’s on a store shelf in Manila or somewhere halfway around the globe, customers can rest assured that they were produced in strict compliance with established global manufacturing standards, not only in terms of food safety and quality, but also with sustainability and its workers’ environment, health, and safety (EHS) in mind.


Headquartered in Singapore, the Global Exports division serves its customers around the world with sales teams classified under four regions. These are (1) the Middle East and India; (2) North Asia and Southeast Asia; (3) Africa and China; and (4) North America, Pacific Islands and Oceania.

Each regional team is further subdivided, aiming to deliver better service to existing or prospective URC clients in their respective territories.


URC takes great pride in the superior flavor, quality, and value of all its products, bringing a taste of the Philippines to the four corners of the globe. To learn more about the products we offer and how to enjoy them in your home country, please visit URC Global Export

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